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Some stats start rolling in

Well, the results of the initial bloodwork came in — and we *may* be getting somewhere:

We have (again) confirmed that I ovulate, but it appears that my progesterone plummets shortly afterward. That’s a relatively easy fix.

DH’s initial analysis came back and while he produces copious amounts of swimmers and they move well – their morphology is off – less than 1% were normal. While we’re still waiting for the results of the culture, he does have an appointment with a urologist in a couple of weeks.

No word yet on the 15 vials of blood that I gave for an immunological work-up.

In other news – more FB pregnancy announcements (sigh), massive work and family-related travel this month (Pittsburgh, Boston, DC, Atlanta), work frustration (stupid, petty colleagues) – and a big thank you to Acela for the wi-fi so I can update my blog at 150 mph between NYC and Boston!


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Long overdue

Thanks to a few of you for checking in to make sure I was okay. Everything’s okay. I’ve just been really busy at work,  with family stuff and – right – the third opinion (and subsequent follow up).

There’s a lot to update so vignettes:

Update on my nephew “J”:

My SIL seems to be doing okay, but in speaking with her a few weeks ago I found myself offering to take a day off work and spend some time with her and then watch J while she had some time to herself. I took a Tuesday off and had a really nice day playing stay-at-home-NJ-mom. Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset and the bitter/jealous Gracie took a day off. Perhaps family babies are okay? I also discovered that I’m pretty good with him…

Memorial Day weekend – went upstate for our nephew’s official introduction to DH’s family. SIL and BIL opted not to do a bris since BIL is not Jewish. I was VERY nervous about all of us (plus their 80+ lb boxer) in my in-laws small house, but it turned out to be very nice. I spent a lot of time with my nephew and even got to go for a long walk/run. We only overlapped with them for one night and then had a full day & night alone with my in-laws which was also nice.

Update on work:

Busy, busy, busy, got promoted, busy, busy, busy.

Update on upcoming VACATION!

We did it! We booked a vacation for the second week in August…to Ireland! DH will have finished the MBA and closed out the July numbers at work. I had to roll over the maximum amount of vacation days at work (boo me for NOT using vacation last year – see above) and so I resolved to use every last one of those days this year! We’re going to stay in Dublin for a night or two, Galway for a night and then the rest of the time here, kayaking, hiking, spa-ing. Whew!

Update on the thing that occupies 98% of my energy/thoughts:

We saw Dr. Famous, who I will now rename Dr. Holistic. He is famous, but his approach is one that looks at everything – anatomical, genetic, infectious, hormonal, immunological and environmental/lifestyle. After reading through our paperwork and asking a few questions he pulled out a sheet called “Causes of Miscarriages” and wrote “= Failed IVF” (since I’ve never been pregnant). He was thorough and walked us through all the other tests he’d like us to do on top of what CRMI had done. We walked away with orders for loads of blood tests (me), semen analysis (DH) and some clear marching orders to help Dr. Holistic determine what’s going on.

Here’s our progress:

Serial progesterone levels (three days) – done

Semen analysis – in progress, sample dropped on Friday

Urologist appointment – scheduled (mid July)

Thrombophilias (immunological, 15 vials of blood!) – done

  1. Lupus anticoagulant
  2. Anticardiolipin antibodies
  3. Antiphosphotidylserine antibodies
  4. Anti-nuclear antibody
  5. Protein C activity
  6. Protein S activity
  7. Factor V Leiden
  8. MTHFR mutation
  9. Prothrombin gene mutation
  10. Homocysteine
  11. Antithyroid antibodies
  12. PAI – 1 antigen

Next up – reproductive immunophenotype (natural killer cells, NKa) & post coital test/cultures.

Overall, we thought Dr. Holistic was a bit odd and definitely did NOT like the vibe of his office staff (called 4 times to confirm my appointment and seemed surprised that I’d already heard from them, lost our paperwork). We did agree that we’re glad to have all of these tests since no one has been able to figure out what’s going on and all signs seem to say that we should have been able to conceive naturally (or with assistance!) after 32 months trying plus 2 IVF cycles and an FET. I mean seriously, what could be wrong here: my age (33), health (very good), lifestyle [risk avoidance, no smoking/drugs/alcohol/hot tubs, regular yoga and ‘fertility friendly exercise’ (little bike riding & no marathon running)/organic-ish diet/no major structural, hormonal or other problems] and no diagnosed issues with DH?!

So I think we’ll get his opinion and recommendation and then decide what to do next. Whatever we do will likely not be with him, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m seeing my acupuncturist regularly, taking a prenatal vitamin, continuing to track my temps & ovulation and praying that well-timed sex will work.

I’m off to DC for work tomorrow, Boston for a family affair this weekend, Pittsburgh for work and then Atlanta for more family time – so there will lots of travel time to catch up on your blogs. Hope you’ve not abandoned me due to my absence and overload of information

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