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No need for the name Fergal

Well, we’re back from our trip to Ireland, which was lovely. A five and a half hour flight from NY, great food, great beer, hiking, kayaking, biking, lots of sheep … and of course…quality time with DH. We even got upgraded to business class on the return flight.

We had perfect weather and the only days of rain were while we were already wet kayaking on Ireland’s only fjord and our one day of ‘road tripping’ across the country. It was actually helpful because DH killed a million bugs on the rental car windshield!

Since this is an interfertility blog and all, I should mention that our trip was perfectly timed with ovulation – and we were able to have sex every day! The relaxing, fun sex you have when you’re first together. Not what we’ve come to call ‘utilitarian sex’ which is driven by my temperature chart and the calendar.

So I was hopeful (yes, yes, I know) – and even a bit more hopeful when Aunt Flo was late. I *even* allowed myself to think about how I would tell DH. I’ve mentioned this before, but I still dream about how I could surprise him with the good news. This daydream involved something Irish – and I even thought we could call the fetus “Fergal” after the little kid who was running around the ferry we took to the Aran Islands on our trip. The entire ferry ride his parents kept saying “Fergal, come sit down,” “Fergal, be nice to your sister,” and “Fergal, have some crisps.” The best part was that we sat right behind him on the return ferry!

But I digress…

When we got home last night from dinner with friends, five days late, there she was. In full force I might add. I *rarely* take Tylenol, or any pain medications, but I was doubled over in bed at about 4 a.m. and decided it was necessary. Sigh.

So, this week we go into Dr. Holistic for his final diagnosis – and I suspect we’ll be back to IVF before too long. The question is – how the heck to pay for it? That’s for another blog post.

I leave you with a few shots of Ireland.


St. Stephen’s Green

Our first pints of Guinness

Traffic jam in Connemara
Enjoying the sun on Inishmore in the Aran Islands
Gazing west – toward Brooklyn

Our beautiful room at the Delphi Mountain Resort

And, in case I ever decide to become a food blogger, a shot of our delicious dinner the last night in Dublin – monk fish, broccoli rabe, puree potatoes, local mushrooms


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Back from a *wonderful* holiday in Ireland – digging through piles of laundry. But before I post about our trip, I wanted to share a photo of the last errand that we completed before heading off – sending DH’s little guys to South Dakota for DNA fragmentation screening – just 24 hours before our plane took off from JFK. Of all the many pokes, prods and er, samples that we’ve given these past few years, this was by far the strangest.

Here’s a picture of the shipping container that poor DH had to lug back from his office and then (post-sample) to the FedEx facility a few blocks from our apartment. Good thing that the box was fairly anonymous as it made its way through DH’s company’s mail room! This is one of the instances where owning a car would have come in handy…

We get the results back in the next week or so and then on to the consult to help us determine our next steps. Between taking photos of the plentiful sheep in Ireland’s countryside and touristing around we did loads of talking…and so I think we’re ready for the next step. More on that later.

In the meantime, anyone else had experience with DNA fragmentation screening (or sending other bodily fluids to South Dakota)?

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Is it August?

Unbelievable that my last post was July 1. I’ve thought about blogging, but honestly have had nothing to say.

Life’s been coming fast & furious, but honestly not that interesting. Lots of work. Yawn…

However, this weekend … a big milestone: DH finished an executive MBA program, which has certainly dominated our lives these last two years. He’s been working full-time while going to school every other Friday and Saturday.

Interestingly, we decided to *officially* start TTC right as he started school and I clearly remember holding hands and winking at each other when at orientation for families the dean talked about how they give school-themed onesies to all students who have a baby during their MBA.

Well, nearly three years, two fresh IVF cycles and one FET, plus countless acupuncture appointments, blood tests, etc. – and no onesie.

Obviously that is hard enough, but during the program 21 babies have been born (to two classes, total students = 100). The most fertile class of MBAs ever?

To make matters worse, during the graduation ceremony the dean literally asked (one by one) each couple who had a baby during the program to stand so he could gush about them. They handed out tiny backpacks with the onesie. DH and I were fighting tears because we really thought that we would be there. Plus, wasn’t the day supposed to be celebrating the achievement of a degree!?! Our failure to have kids is almost always in my face – including the stupid iPhone ad on RIGHT NOW with a woman telling her husband she’s pregnant – but it really shouldn’t have been a factor of DH’s graduation day…

We also don’t know what our next step will be. The latest on the unending testing that has dominated our summer is that DH has to send a sample to South Dakota to explore potential DNA fragmentation. We are *really* hoping that once that test is in we’ll be able to schedule our consult with Dr. Holistic and decide what to do next. Right now there seem to be a lot of little things, but hopefully that will help put together a protocol that will work.

But the good news is that one week from today we’ll be on vacation, in Ireland. The plan is two nights in Dublin, two nights in Galway and then the rest of the week at a lodge in a forest in West Ireland. Given my recent unplanned month off blogging, I’m hoping to get a bit more engaged again.

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