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Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

So where are we? Signing consents all over Manhattan, arranging for our two frozen embryos to move 20 blocks south to the new clinic and waiting.

The logistics to move these two tiny bundles of cells are astounding. I plan to hire a service to move them since a 40+ pound tank is required and the thought of lugging that in a cab…well, just beyond me. The helpful nurse at CRMI did mention that they once had someone transport their frozen embryos on a Vespa!

It’s looking like I’ll start lupron in mid-October for a mid-November transfer. All that depends on when AF decides to show up – which should be in the next few days. No symptoms yet, but I’ve also had wonky temps all month so very little hope that this is the miracle month.

So until further notice, DH and I will be traipsing all over the tri-state area signing consent forms!


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FET all over again?

Hectic few weeks, but I wanted to update the few of you who are still here (thank you!!) on where we stand in this whole journey:

Met with Dr. Holistic and the basic conclusion – NOTHING. DH and I are ‘fair to good’ in all categories. No immune issues, no real sperm issues, no real hormone issues. Even the third round of ‘why not’ testosterone testing came back normal. At the consult Dr. Holistic *again* pulled out his same mimeographed sheet that says “Causes of Miscarriage” and crossed out “Miscarriage” and wrote “Infertility”…

(Side note – with the cost of a consult,  you’d think the man could print up multiple sheets with *different* headings — or no heading at all!!!)

…then admitted he was grasping at straws. He ultimately recommended we use the two frozen embryos at CRMI and then do 3-4 IUIs, followed by IVF if the IUIs don’t work.

So, we’ve decided to do an FET, likely with Lupron, with Dr. TAL, so we are knee-deep in paperwork moving the embryos 20 blocks south.

I’m alternately upset, sad and overwhelmed. Feels like we wasted a lot of time, but did eliminate a lot of stuff that will hopefully help us succeed.

Too many other emotions to fully capture here. Suffice it to say – here we go again.

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