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Game on … again

Well, neglectful blogger that I have been (though avid reader and awful commenter), I find myself back at the blog keyboard again.

Let’s see – quick recap since the last post (yikes – one month!):

  • Paperwork, blood work up-to-date at RMA – check
  • Frozen embryos transferred 20 blocks south (not without bureaucratic drama) – check
  • Blood test to detect ovulation with a not-too-gentle nurse – check
  • Ovulated – check
  • Lupron injection #1 – check

Yes, that’s right, I’m off and running on my second FET – the last two frozen embryos from CRMI. Apparently subcutaneous injections are like riding a bike – you remember right away. Sigh.

Yesterday, I went in for early morning blood work (which was a 5:30 a.m. wake up), struggled through work (after 6 days on the road and loads of email) and then went to dinner with one former colleague and two current colleagues. A highly uncomfortable meal (have I mentioned I’m not a fan of forced social situations with colleagues) and then I rushed home in order to do the first injection. Since they are supposed to be at more or less the same time every night, I was *really* hoping to aim for 10:30. Alas, didn’t get home until 11:30.

So – if anyone’s still out there – I’m back with fledgling hope, much trepidation and everything conceivable crossed for luck.


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