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The stats

The numbers are in – and I’m cautiously optimistic.

27 retrieved

16 fertilized with ICSI

14 embryos

Tomorrow or Sunday could be the transfer so I’m going for an acupuncture treatment tomorrow morning before work and then I have one scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

And what’s on tap for this weekend? My mother-in-law is staying with me for three days while DH is in New Orleans for a bachelor party at Jazz Fest. Apparently my mother-in-law thought it was sad that I was spending my birthday alone. Yep, that’s right. Saturday I turn 34.

Here we go again.


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Overdue update

Hmmm – somehow it is not only April, but almost the END of April – and I’ve been extremely delinquient in posting, commenting and participating in the blogosphere in general. Apologies to anyone who is still around!

Much to say and thus bullets seem in order:

  • We got going on another IVF cycle – #4 – which is our last that is covered by insurance. (DH’s work thankfully switched carriers after the first two cycles!)
  • So far, despite having been out-of-town for the first 10 days – thus was essentially stimming unsupervised (long story) – I seem to be in good shape. (Note – I was only unsupervised for 4 days – I just reread that and it looks like I am doing a rogue cycle! I essentially missed one monitoring WITH my doctor’s approval)
  • Due to monitoring both weekend days – and some AWFUL weather – we ended up not traveling upstate for my nephew’s first birthday, which was both sad and also sort of a relief (yes, I’m a bad aunt sometimes….when the little green monster on my shoulder is acting up).
  • Went in for blood work and u/s this morning and the doctor on duty commented that I am responding well. I held my tongue and didn’t mention that I always respond well – but something else seems to be going on. We’ll see what they are able to retrieve and fertilize.
  • Trigger shot is tonight at 11:30 p.m. and I had the nurse draw a big circle on my rear so DH won’t miss!
  • Retrieval is on Tuesday morning…
  • DH is going to a bachelor party at Jazz Fest on Friday and his mother is coming to visit for MY birthday. Not exactly what I wanted this year, but her heart’s in the right place. I’m currently working on a packed itinerary to both pass the TWW and keep MIL busy!

So, though I don’t deserve it based on my own participation in the blogging community these past few months – I would REALLY appreciate any prayers, vibes, juju, etc. for a BFP this go-round.

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