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Paper ready

What a whirlwind the last three months have been!

This blog has served as not only a lifeline to other folks dealing with similar situations and a great source of support, advice and information – but it is also a bit of a journal through the ups and downs (okay, mostly downs) of our infertility journey.

It is in that capacity that I’d like to mark a pretty significant milestone in our adoption process. Frankly I’m also curious if anyone has kept me on their radar screen since I’ve been a miserable commenter/participant in this community! It’s the season of atonement in Judaism so please know that I really am sorry. Even if I’m not actively commenting, you all remain in my prayers and I am in awe of the strength that exists in this world.

But on to¬†other subjects – like the fact that DH and I are now officially paper ready – meaning that the NY court system has found us fit to be adoptive parents! In addition to the¬†paper-heavy process, we’ve also done quite a bit to get ready for the next stage – finding a birth mom/family. We’ve read a ton, joined a ‘waiting families’ support group, filled in some key friends and family members, started to (gulp) think about names, details like maternity leave for me, finalize our profile, etc. In typing it out, it seems paltry, but it has been hugely consuming, but in a really positive way.

There’s honestly too much to add here, but suffice it to say that the search for a birth mom/family begins in a week – and I’m sure that the REAL roller coaster starts then.

Wish us luck!


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