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Where are we?

Really? It’s been since September since I posted?!? It hasn’t been lack of activity that forced an 8 month break. (Ironic that in a different situation, I could have almost had a baby in that amount of time…)

So let’s see –

In the time since we were officially ‘paper ready’ according to the state of New York, we have done four rounds of what’s called ‘blitz’ advertising. We’ve met three birth moms and had multiple, seemingly ‘good’ situations fall through. We’ve had to determine our risk tolerance for drugs (not just drugs, broad stroke, but what specific kind of prenatal drug use are we willing to consider), mental illness, incarceration…and the list goes on. Things are moving – sometimes fast, sometimes at a snail’s pace.

It’s been a challenge and if anyone’s still out there, I’ll bring this up to date slowly. But I’m back. I’m back on the blog to find a place to share my feelings. I’ve missed it.


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